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Susan Botha

Company Profile


LINKI Digital Solutions was born to support businesses with their digital marketing efforts.
We are a group of marketing and creative collaborators who thrive in an environment
where our client partners share our vision and mission,which is to connect to the right
audience through captivating content that converts into action.


LINKI Digital Solutions was born from a genuine aspiration to partner with clients on their professional marketing journey. The LINKI family walks the road with you and we tackle marketing opportunities holistically. We develop our clients and we execute marketing solutions fit for your business. Strategic and highly creative with an eye for impeccable execution and creating brand experience that connect at a deep emotional level. We are a team of marketing and design collaborators that thrive in an environment where we are integrated in vision and purpose with our client partners.

In the digital realm, we “Link” people. The I stands for the “aha” moment that conveys your company’s distinct selling point and connection. The square and circle of our logo connect to the proverb “You can’t put a square peg in a round hole.” Every marketing strategy is tailored to the opportunity and business goal.


We deliver strategic branding, communication, and creative services that are unique, relevant, and captivating to help drive business results. We approach everything we do from a strategic standpoint in order to connect your brand's higher purpose to your target audience's primary emotional objectives.